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Magazines on Couch

the POD

There is  something special about thumbing through the pages of a magazine that feeds the soul...

Welcome to our Print On Demand option for those who still desire to hold a magazine in your hands. Much thought went into finding a way to keep print alive while also embracing the changes of today's world. 

The POD offers special ordered print issues through partnering with Peecho, our print source. Every issue is printed on silk paper with a Matte finish that is buttery soft. Our community deserves a magazine as special as each of us, so we wanted to create a magazine that you couldn't imagine ever taking off your coffee table. We believe we succeeded! 

When you click on the button for an issue below,  you'll be directed to Peecho to complete your order. You're magazine is packaged with care, so it's ready to take it's place on your table when it arrives.  

Our digital issues are the quickest way to indulge in our pages, but we get it, sometimes you just want it in print. We  feel this is the most enviromentally friendly way to provide that option. 

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