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5 Tips for Gorgeous Gray Hair

Writer Robin Salls

Cracking the code on your gray strands can take patience, and a lot of trial and error till you find the right combination for your locks. Gray, Silver and white hair doesn't usually play by the old hair rules. Hopefully, these 5 tips will point you to your gorgeous grays a little sooner than I found mine.

1) WASHING YOUR HAIR - Aim for every 5 to 7 days or longer in between. Washing daily can strip your hair of it's natural oils. Silvers are more dry, so your natural oils, along with added oils. like argon oil, soon become your best friends. Use shampoo for your TYPE, not your color. Sulfate free, clear or white shampoo is the best choice as silvers can pick up hues easily.

Focus on washing your roots and scalp and aim for a double cleanse. As you rinse your hair the shampoo will roll off your length giving it the cleaning it needs. The 1st Shampoo cleanses and the 2nd aims to remove residue and build up from products.

2) CONDITION YOUR HAIR - Focus conditioner from mid-length down to ends. Your roots produce natural oils, so you don't need much there. Apply gently wrapping in sections to lock conditioner into hair follicles. What's left on your hands can then be applied to your roots. Rinse out with cooler water to seal your follicles.

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3) APPLE CIDER VINEGAR RINSE|PURPLE SHAMPOOS - Silvers can pick up yellow and brassy tones from products, heat, and pollution, so you'll want to tone those shades out occasionally. I personally use an ACV rinse monthly of 1/4 cup organic apple cider vinegar to 2 cups warm water. I rinse my hair and let sit for about 10 minutes, then I rinse out and shampoo as normal. I use a purple toning shampoo about every other month, but keep in mind purple shampoos are putting color over the yellow to tone it. You can't actually get rid of yellowed hair unless you trim it off.

Another, all natural way to brighten your silvers that many silver sisters talk about is QuickSilverHair, a natural clay process and a woman owned business. Check out our

Partner No purple, no adding color, just a natural way to bring your silvers to life.

4) PRODUCT LOVE - MUST HAVE is a heat protectant, especially when using any type of heat tools. Then add based on what your style goal is. I use curling products to enhance my natural waves and smoothing lotions to help with straight looks. Use sparingly and add more as needed. A good dry shampoo is a must have in between washes, but look for products that won't dry out your silvers.

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5) NIGHT TIME HAIR CARE - I'm addicted to my nighttime ritual. While my body is refueling overnight, I'm making sure my hair is getting its beauty rest too. I start by brushing my hair from the ends and working up to my roots. This loosens products, encourages natural oils and gives my scalp an evening massage of it's own. I then spray a combination of natural oils that promote hair growth to my roots and anywhere I feel there is a little thinning.

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Then out comes the velvet or silk scrunchie or hair wrap and I do a loose messy bun at the top of my head which creates less friction on my strands when I'm moving around at night. I top this ritual off by sleeping on a 100% silk pillowcase. I read about the benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase, and all I can say is that it makes a difference!

Silk, not is the key to kissing your locks goodnight.

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