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Thinning Eyebrow Solutions

Stuggling with thinning eyebrows due to aging and not sure what the solution is? We feel you. It's another one of those gray areas that sneaks up when least expected. Eyebrows are a small feature that yield a huge impact on our faces. While hair frames the face, I think of the eyebrows as the opening act to our eyes. They're not suppose to outshine the main act, but are certainly suppose to pump you up for the main show. Good or bad it's the prelude to your eyes, so when you notice they are thinning, not by choice, but due to aging, it can become a stressful dance to figure out what to do.

Thinning as we age is typically caused by hormonal changes and/or nutritional deficiencies that lead to hair loss. Women's levels of prostaglandin, estrogen, and progesterone begin declining which leaves the hair strands weaker and easier to fall out. If you have low levels of iron, zinc, and protein or medical conditions like anemia these also can factor into hair loss. So, what's the solution? Do we start pumping ourselves full of hormones and vitamins? You'll want to consult with your physician for those answers, but we do have a couple of thoughts to ease into Mother Nature's plans.


The quickest solution to achieving thicker brows is getting a little help from a pencil, powder, or gel specifically for brows. These products can give you a fuller, bushier, and more defined appearance. It may take a bit of time to perfect your look, but with tutorials available practically everywhere you turn, learning the techniques has never been easier. When looking for blendable, buildable coverage, opt for powder-based formulas as they will leave you with the most natural finish. For sparse spots the precision of pencils with tapered tips will give you the most controllable option. If you prefer brush applicators than gel-based products might deliver the volume and structure with ease that you're looking for. Many of these products can easily be found through our partner EyeEmbrace who specifically created a line of eyebrow shades to work with the various shades of gray. It's nice to partner with a company that recoginizes one shade does not work for everyone, especially within the silver community.


Another option to slow Mother Nature down would be to try a conditioning serum. These specifically formulated for brow serums, such as Revitalash's Revitabrow'formula helps to protect your arches from breakage and enviromental stressors by improving flexibility while giving your brows a fuller appearance. If you prefer a more affordable route then try Purador 100% pure organic Jamaican Black Castor oil that stimulates growth in eyebrows and eyelashes. I personally have seen results in my eyelashes and brows using Purador (Note: black Jamaican castor oil can potentailly stain, so I use it for brow and lash growth only, as my brows and lashes are still fairly dark).

While we can't actually solve the problem of thining brows due to aging, we can embrace them better with discovering what works best for us. Perhaps it's using make up techniques, serums or even microblading, but you're the only one that knows what your journey looks like.

What's your journey look like? Share your favorite eyebrow technique with us.

We've shared products reviewed by our She-pack team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a small commission. Our partner EyeEmbrace offers a special 1st time discount to our readers, and we do not receive commisions on those purchases. Thank you for supporting Tangled Silver Magazine and our Partners.

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