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Robin Salls

CEO, Entrepreneur, Magazine Publisher, Motivational Speaker & Silver Lifestyle Champion





A Bit About Me

I'm a fierce champion and entrepreneur whose passion is empowering women through my global work, social impact, writing and public speaking. As CEO and Founder of Tangled Silver Magazine I encourage women to embrace, celebrate and be inspired in mid-life! As the soulful creator behind the 1st magazine by and for silver/gray haired sisters I'm embarking on the adventure of changing the narrative around aging and gray for women.


I created the #iamsilverbeauty movement through the magazine as a call to action for women to define beauty and aging on their own terms. I work with individuals, organizations and brands curating positive silver lifestyle musings, leading to collaborative connections between ourselves, consumers and brands.

When asked what aging women want most, I'm quick to point out women don't need the Fountain of Youth. Women want the Fountain of Lifestyle.  Understanding that difference is a game changer. I encourage you to embrace you, celebrate her and be inspired. 

I'm blessed that my passion is my business, but life is not all business, so my free time is spent playing and hiking in the Rockies with my hubs of 25 years, 3 fur kiddos, 2 kiddos + love in laws, 6 grandkiddos and my beautiful friends. Life is blissful!

Silver for the win,


Keynote Speaking Sampling

I Am Silver Beauty

Mid-Life Reinvention

This talk is all about defining beauty and aging on your terms and empowering you to own your mid-life blissfully and unabashedly. Gray is dull and makes you look old. Long hair is only for younger women. If you're not using botox to keep away wrinkles, you're just letting yourself go....whose stories are those because I know it's not your story because you're women fully embracing herself today, not caught up in yesterday! Let's change the story around aging you've been spoon feeding your soul for decades and give yourself the chocolate sauce you know you want deep down inside!

Whoever said you have to know what you want to be by the end of high school or college is a fruitcake. Are you suddenly finding yourself in mid-life, perhaps empty nesting it for the first time in over 18 years and wondering who you want to be in this next chapter?  "They", whover they is,  imply we should be coming to the end of our careers, but for many of us, this is just the kick off for the next adventure. No more living to meet everyone else's needs, but living in our passions and finding away to make money doing it. Reinvent youself and soar1

Screw The Fountain of Youth.
Bring on the Tequila

Let's talk about how brands reach the mid-life demographic because they need to understand what makes us tick to spend our dollars with them (and, we have the dollars to spend). We're talking fountains, tequila and how you get your voice heard. 

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