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Celebrating Women

Defining Aging and Beauty for Themselves! 

It's Your Turn to Soar! 


 Silvering is a lifestyle, not just a color. Embrace yours fully!

Come and join our super dynamic community of unstoppable women crushing their midlife journey with sass and style. We're all about owning beauty and aging on our terms and living life to the max. Join the celebration and meet your soul sisters, who will inspire you to unleash your inner wonder woman!

Welcome to Tangled Silver Magazine


 Digital Version Sneak Peak.

Here's a quick peak at what you'll find inside our 17th issue as we enter our 4th year of sharing amazing women embracing their lifestyles. 

This issue is full of style, reviews of products and fabulous stories of women embracing silver in life and work! This is the 1st magazine created for women embracing beauty and aging on their terms and embracing their natural silvers, grays or whites. 

Regardless of where you're at on your journey, this magazine helps to inspire you, while sharing that you have a community of women to connect with  just waiting for you to join them!

If you're new here then be sure to sign up to get your first digital issue on us to check things out! 

Why Join Us?

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Tangled Silver Magazine

The 1st Magazine for and by Silver women around the globe! 

Indulge in her digital pages or print on demand to engage with other women embracing silver, celebrating one another and be inspired to live life defining beauty and aging for yourself. Time to change our stories...because we are Ageless & Timeless!



I am  Silver Beauty Collective -#iamsilverbeauty- is our private community extension of our magazine where you'll connect with like-minded women who want to encourage and uplift one another. Connect, Grow, Learn & Build relationships with other women in our  community pages and groups. Find the right ones for you!


Events & Workshops

You were not meant to do this alone. Our online & in-person events connect you with others looking to lock arms while moving gracefully through life. We offer options from small groups to larger events, so you're sure to find one that matches your desires from pleasure to education. 




Tangled Silver Magazine is more than just a magazine, it's a vibrant community on a mission to change perceptions around aging and going gray.

Our magazine is offered DIGITALLY with a  PRINT on demand option coming out bi-monthly celebrating the SILVER HAIR SISTERS around the globe. This is YOUR magazine by and for silver sisters walking the talk.


Founded by Silver Sister Robin Salls, to spotlight everyday Silver Sisters on their journeys beyond ditching the dye and embracing silver. All of our experiences are different, yet we're like a beautiful quilt sewn together...individual squares that once connected create a masterpiece of good vibrations!


Discover stories that inspire, awaken your senses and know that there are always Silver Sisters to connect with along the journey. And, this journey goes beyond a color choice...many find it turns into self discovery that has them living their best lives yet!

Gone are the days of covering grays! Forget "washed out, older looking" stigmas. We share tips, products & more to keep your silvers shining and your confidence high. We're not anti=color. We're anti anyone telling us we should hide our silvers to be relevant! We're here to shout "I'm silver and sensational!"

Our Platinum Partners.

Who align with our Embrace, Celebrate and Inspire message around aging gracefully with style.

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DIGITAL issue for free to check things out!

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