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Pantone's 2023 Color - Viva Magenta Perfect for Gray Hair

Pantone is at it again with their color pick for 2023!

Viva Magenta is perfect for complimenting all the hues of gray you're sporting these days! When Jill Kirsh Color brought her thoughts to the table for our EMBRACE 2023 issue we we're head over heels with Pantone's choice.

If you're worried about feeling dull or boring, you can throw that thought out the window as this color is going to make your silvers pop regardless of your locks shades. Viva Magenta offers many ranges of this redish/pink shade from dustier tones to bright pops and everything inbetween. There is something for all of us and a reason to celebrate the 2023 color choice.

Kirsh suggests the lighter silver to gray women head to either the dustier tones or the deep magenta shades for your most complimentary looks.

For the salt and pepper lockes, lean more into the brighter pops of this fabulous color to rock your style.

I was super excited to realize that my winter jacket by Columbia that I've had for several years is already in this shade, along with a sassy winter hat from Silver Sisters Studio that I bought last year! I did just grab a magenta long cardigan, because who doesn't want a long cardigan at this time of year, along with a lipstick, just because.

And style isn't just in our clothing and make up. This is a fun color to add to your home furnishings too. Throw a few throw pillows around with various shades of magenta and spice up your living area for the upcoming month of love. How about an inspirational quote for the wall in these shades to brighton up a room. The possibilities are limitless to add a splash of this hue to your home.

We'd love to have you tag us in all your social posts sporting your shades of magenta for 2023 using #tangledmagenta2023. We can't wait to see the silver sea of magenta taking over 2023!

We have affiliate links within this blog that we earn a small commission on if you purchase through our links that in no way effects the pricing on your end. Every purchase helps us to continue the #iamsilverbeauty movement through Tangled Silver Magazine. Thank you!

Silver for the win,


Founder & Silver Siren

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